• Shuttering Plywood
  • Mayur Ply Wishes Happy Eid Mubarak 2015

Mayur Shuttering Plywood is ideal for concrete formwork for beams, columns, flooring and slab form work, vertical or inclined concrete work, truck and tempo body work, mezzanine floors etc. it offers high resistance to abrasion, water absorption and varying temperatures, thus giving a product life about 4times that of ordinary shuttering ply. If handled and stored well, Mayur Shuttering Plywood can be reused up to 10 – 15 times on either side, making it the most cost effective panel material.


  • Thicker face veneer
  • Withstands the load of concrete, vibrations, and extreme weather conditions
  • High reuse value


  • Concrete framework for beams and pillars
  • Flooring and slab framework
  • Mezzanine flooring
  • Truck and tempo body work


  • Carefully fix and remove plywood for maximum reuse
  • Apply releasing agents or mould oils occasionally for easy removal of plywood
1. Thickness available (mm) All thickness (generally 12mm is used)
2. Dimension available (mm X mm) Max. 2440 x1220
3. Density (Kg/m3) 800
4. Boil cycle Pass (72hrs boiling)
5. Moisture content (%) 8-10%
6. Water resistance > 100
7. Glue shear strength (kg) – Dry > 135
8. Glue shear strength (kg) – Mycological > 100
9. Adhesion of ply Excellent
10. Water absorption test < 5%
11. Screw holding strength (kg) > 275
12. Nail holding strength (kg) 150
13. Static bending strength  
(i) MoR (N/mm2)  
a) Across the grain > 30
b) Along the grain > 50
(ii) MoE (N/mm2)  
a) Across the grain > 4000
b) Along the grain > 7500
14. Tensile strength

Along the grain

Across the grain

Sum of Both

325 kgf/cm2

225 kgf/cm2

600 kgf/cm2
15. Preservative treatment  
a) Glue line CCP treatment
b) Preservation chemical retention/ treatment CCB (12kg/m3)