• Fire Check Doors
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Mayur Fire Doors are engineered products that save life and property in the event of a fire. All the properties of this product are designed with just one aim - to resist  fire if ever the need arises.
Mayur  60 minutes-fire rated and 120 minutes-fire rated doors are duly tested for integrity, stability and insulation in accordance with IS: 3614 part 2 and BS: 476 part 20, under standard heating conditions as specified in IS:3809 -1979  and BS:476 part 20 & 22 -1987.
Processed with many fire-retardant chemicals and treatments, these doors provide resistance to a spreading fire and prevent cold smoke, thus acting as a deterrent to a fire from developing.
Moreover, overlays or surface moldings may be applied without affecting a Mayur Fire Doors fire resistance ability.


  • Fire retardant treated
  • Lower hygroscopic
  • Lower flame-spread rate
  • Treated for low thermal degradation
  • Works well with laminates:
  • Thickness    44mm    55mm
  • Resistance    60 mins    120 mins


  • Roof sheathing and roof structural framing
  • Parapet construction
  • Door panel and window panel construction.
  • Stairs construction

Technical Specification

Sl.No General Properties Minimum Value for conformity
1. Moisture content Not more than 20%
2. Density 750-800 kg/m2
3. Flammability test Time taken for second ignition shall not be less than 30 minutes
4. Flame penetration Minimum 30 minutes for 12mm
5. Rate of burning test Minimum 20 minutes
6. Glue adhesion & Water Resistance Test (cyclic test followed by knife test) i.e. cycle of 8 hours boiling and 16 hours drying at 65± 2ºC (as per IS : 303) Minimum standard pass after 3cycles
7. Static bending strength (as per IS : 303)

1. Modulus of rupture

(a) Along the grain

(b) Across the grain

Min Ind.:- 36N/MM2
Avg.:- 40 N/M2

Min Ind.:- 18N/MM2
Avg.:- 2500 N/M2
8. Resistant to micro organisms (after 21 days) test for adhesion of ply (as per IS : 303) Minimum Standard Pass