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  • Mayur Eco Doors
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The hexagon, found everywhere in nature, including plant and animal cells, is an amazing shape that provides load bearing capacity like no other. A honeycomb core imparts so much strength, lightness and economy, that it was developed during World War II as structural core for military aircrafts. Later, honeycombed paper was used for the reconstruction of Europe as an excellent eco-friendly, strong, lightweight substitute for solid building materials like wood.
Mayurs newest offering - the Eco Door - has a core made of polymer impregnated recycled Kraft paper in a honeycomb formation, which makes it eco-friendly and lightweight, apart from giving it the highest strength.  Eco Doors provide the highest strength to weight and stiffness to weight ratios, reduce transmission of sound by absorption, and have low thermal conductivity for better insulation. Moreover, atmospheric moisture cannot penetrate into the core, so the door does not expand or contract during weather changes.

Mayur Eco Doors are available as

  • Flush doors
  • Laminated doors
  • Veneer doors
  • Decorative moulded panel doors


  • Mayur Eco door is a green product with minimal impact on nature
  • Lightweight with a high load bearing capacity
  • Long service life
  • Better sound absorption capacity
  • Reduced packing cost due to lower weight
  • Improved insulation over regular doors
  • Unaffected by moisture, hence virtually no expansion/distension
  • Extended possibilities in furniture design, large furniture is manageable and affordable


  • Partitions [varying thickness, 19mm & above
  • Trap doors in ceiling
  • Sleek doors
  • Sleek partitions
  • Table tops
  • Sliding doors [with lightweight channels]
  • Can be used in all non load-bearing walls

Technical Specification

Sl.No Test prescribed Observed Value
1. Tensile strength 380 psi
2. Crush strength 300 psi
3. Acoustics 35 STC (Sound Transmission Class)
4. Eco-Friendly Recyclable Kraft paper impregnated with special polymers
5. Weight 40 % lower weight than solid doors
6. Moisture content (%) For maximum pressure strength, the moisture content is kept between 8 – 10 %
7. Slam test 1,000,000 Cycles. Grade 1 without failure
8. Twist/Torque Test Max deflection At 300# + .800”max, permanent set + .029”
9. Insulation properties “U” Factor :0.041
“R” Factor : 2.44